Christine Loeb, LMFT, RD

Psychotherapy and Nutrition Support
Specializing in the Eating Disorders, Relationships, and Loss, Christine is a Psychotherapist (MFC #28567) as well as 
a Registered Dietitian (R #505279) practicing 
in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA.

With 25 years of experience in clinical dietetics and psychodynamic psychotherapy, Christine is skilled in the areas of individual, family, and group counseling.  Her personalized approach combines wisdom and empathy to assist in your search for a new perspective in life.

Throughout her career, Christine has integrated personal growth with professional development.  Founding member of The Los Angeles Task Force on Eating Disorders and now the Valley Federation of Eating Disorder Professionals, she has maintained ties with the ever-widening community of dedicated professionals determined to help men and women find peace in their relationship with food.

These services provide a wonderful opportunity to examine ourselves and our lives- how we relate to others and how we take in various forms of sustenance. People typically seek psychotherapy at times of growth and development, but also when the world around is changing and feeling out of control. 

Your personal support system of family, friends, and professionals including a knowledgeable specialist can help you make gradual and permanent lifestyle changes to live a healthier existence.